7 Apps I Use

I've seen many of these posts before and they inspired me to get organised and get some new apps so I thought I would share some apps I use with you. Egenda Egenda is a really good app to organise homework and assessments. I use it for everyday life to basically just plan my life… Continue reading 7 Apps I Use


Christmas Pup Photo Shoot

Hello everyone! Here's a little bonus post for you all! The festive season is in full swing with many Christmas trees, wreaths, songs and Santas around to get you into the season. In my household, all the decorations were set up including the tree and other little trinkets. We had a little photo shoot with… Continue reading Christmas Pup Photo Shoot


Christmas Entertainment Top 10

Christmas is the best time of year to listen to music and watch movies. There are so many different songs and movies both new and old to be enjoyed by everyone. In today's post, I thought I would make a list of my top 10 Christmas song and top 10 Christmas movies! Top 10 Christmas… Continue reading Christmas Entertainment Top 10


My YouTuber Journey

I began regularly watching YouTube 2012 (wow 6 years!). In those 6 years, I have watched many hours of videos and many different Youtubers. In this post, I thought I would share the YouTubers I watched for longer periods of time in the hopes you would many get new ideas for Youtubers to watch. I… Continue reading My YouTuber Journey

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Best Animal Companions in Disney Films

I am in my late teens and I still love Disney movies. I have a collection consisting of around 20 Disney classics which I regularly watch with my friends and days where I just feel down. They never fail to lighten my mood. Here are some of the best animal companions in the movies. If… Continue reading Best Animal Companions in Disney Films